Enrollment Process

Get to Know Us

Schedule a time to tour our facility and observe the classrooms. I will be looking at whether you are a good fit for our community and can make the commitments we expect of our parents. Of course, I expect you to be interviewing us as well. This is an important decision!

Schedule a Site Visit

Review Parent Contract

If you like what you see, you’ll want to check out our Parent Contract to see what you’ll be agreeing to as a Bozeman Montessori Parent. In it, we ask you to :

  • Choose and commit to a Bozeman Montessori tuition information schedule that works for you.
  • For Children enrolling in the Primary Program: commit to staying at Bozeman Montessori through the Kindergarten year. Our Primary program is a three – four year curriculum, and we ask parents to commit to the full cycle leading up to 1st Grade in order to fully realize the benefit of a Montessori Primary education.
  • Commit to attending a minimum of two parent education nights a year. By learning more about Montessori methods, we believe that you will be able to play a more active part in your child’s education.

Submit Application

Still Interested? Great! To officially get in line for a space, Submit an Application.

Meet With Your Child’s Montessori Guide

Once you have submitted your application, your child’s Montessori guide will contact you to set up a time to review your application. This will be a good time to get to know her and ask any remaining questions that you have. If you decide to submit a contract you can arrange a time for her and your child to meet (this typically happens in your home where your child is most comfortable.)

Submit Contract & Deposit

We’ll let you know as soon as we have a space for you. (This might be when enrollment starts in the spring, right away, or when a new space opens up).

Once you have a space and you’re ready to make the commitment, bring the filled out contract to the school where you and Marissa will sign it together. You’ll want to make an appointment.