Teacher Bios and Recommendations

At Bozeman Montessori our staff is still growing. We are committed to hiring people who not only love young children, but respect them. We know that each child is an independent capable person and that our role is to support and nurture them though the most developmentally important time in their lives. We also recognize that the first few years of a young child’s life are also an important time in the life of their family. We know that working with a child means also providing the support and community that every family needs.

All of the lead staff will be Montessori trained at the highest level possible with the goal of international recognition.


Marissa SherKenney
Chris McNeil
Heather Cooper


Kiera Kirschner
Rebecca Eberlin
Chia Ying Lin
Kristen Vardanega


Whitney Mason
Tamara Weidenaar
Katie Collins


Edna Davion
Katie Tosic